Avoid the Candy Mayhem This Halloween With the Switch Witch

Avoid Halloween Candy

Dreading the massive pile of treats that will be spilling out of your child’s trick-or-treat bag this Halloween? Worrying about the damage that will inevitably occur to their oral health at the hands of sixty-five mini candy bars, twenty-nine lollipops, and eight varieties of chewy, sour candies? Concerned about your own will power in the late night work sessions to come as that heaping pile of goodies calls to you from the kitchen cupboard? Switch Witch to the rescue!

The Switch Witch, an increasingly popular solution to this issue, can make a stop at your house this very year and make all of that worry and fretting disappear! A sort of “cousin” to the tooth fairy, the basic premise of the Switch Witch is that she is a friendly witch that visits your home on Halloween night, once everyone has gone to bed. Your child leaves a portion of their Halloween stash out for the Switch Witch and she takes it away in exchange for a toy or a treat that they child has been wishing for lately. You (the Switch Witch assistant) dispose of the candy by either throwing it away immediately OR sending it to a local dentist office that works with a “Halloween Candy for the Troops” program. This second option allows participating dental practices to box and ship gathered Switch Witch goodies to the fine men and women of our armed forces who are stationed overseas.

Some key factors to remember if you plan to introduce the Switch Witch into your home:

  • Discuss the Switch Witch well in advance of the big night and allow your child to determine how much of their candy they would like to offer up to her. Remind them that the Switch Witch likes to give bigger prizes and rewards to kids that give up the most of their Halloween haul.
  • If your child would like to write to her, help them create a letter to leave for the Switch Witch. This can be a great opportunity to find out what they have their heart set on in exchange for their candy.
  • Have your game plan in place. Will you be tossing the candy or donating it to a local “Halloween Candy for the Troops” program? Either way, it’s pretty crucial that you keep the goods out of sight after the Switch Witch has visited.

If you want to take it further and build a new family tradition around the Switch Witch, you can purchase a plush witch and story book at [insert link: http://switch-witch.com/] This website also has more information on the “Halloween Candy for the Troops” program as well as Operation Gratitude, which receives a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Switch Witch products.

Happy Halloween from Dr. Peebles-Turner and her team at https://broomfielddentist.com/