Mouth Guards Matter: Protecting Your Child’s Mouth During Spring Sports

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Spring is here, and so are spring sports! While you’re shuttling your little ones back and forth between practices and games, or making sure their helmets and pads fit well and do their job, it’s a good idea to consider the role that mouth guards play in protecting our kids from injury. Dental injuries are very common in contact and collision sports, according to the ADA, and numerous studies have shown that participants are at risk for them at both recreational and competitive levels. However, the risk of these injuries is also present in non-contact sports such as gymnastics and ice-skating. Something as simple as a mouth guard can go a long way to help protect your child’s teeth during sports and activities

Mouth guards work by providing a protective surface which dissipates force upon impact, minimizing the severity of trauma to soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Without one, even a minor blow to the mouth by an elbow, shoulder, or a ball can easily loosen or damage teeth, jaws, and soft tissues. For a child, losing a tooth this way can be frustrating and upsetting. It can make it difficult to speak normally, or pronounce certain words, or cause embarrassment when smiling or speaking in front of a group. What’s more, a serious blow to an unprotected mouth can cause lasting damage ,which can impact chewing and speaking in the future.

Having a well-fitted, custom-made mouth guard is one of the best ways to ensure that your child’s mouth will be protected during sports. The ADA recommends the use of a mouth guard during any activity were there is a risk of injury.

Ensure a healthy smile for life for your child by making sure they have a mouth guard. Whether it’s a custom one or not, it should fit snuggly and stay in during movement.

While the cost of a mouthguard can seem like an expensive addition to a sport or activity, the cost to repair broken teeth can be much worse!

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