Have you notice small imperfections in your teeth? Let’s consider dental bonding.

What is dental bonding? It’s a process of using a tooth-colored composite resin to cover your natural tooth or close gaps. This effectively hides stains, closes gaps, and fills in chips and cracks.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure used to improve the appearance of teeth affected by minor imperfections or damage. It involves the application of a tooth-colored composite resin material directly onto the tooth surface, where it is shaped, molded, and hardened to achieve the desired result. Dental bonding is a versatile and minimally invasive treatment option that can address various aesthetic concerns, including:

  1. Repair of Chips and Cracks: Bonding can effectively repair small chips, cracks, or fractures in teeth, restoring their smooth and even appearance.
  2. Closing of Gaps: Bonding can be used to close small gaps or spaces between teeth, creating a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.
  3. Alteration of Tooth Shape and Size: By adding composite resin to specific areas of a tooth, dentists can reshape and resize teeth to improve symmetry and proportionality.
  4. Covering of Discolorations: Bonding can mask stains, discolorations, or areas of enamel erosion, resulting in a brighter and more uniform tooth color.
  5. Cosmetic Enhancement: Dental bonding can be used as a cosmetic alternative to more extensive treatments such as dental veneers or crowns, providing a cost-effective and conservative solution for enhancing the appearance of teeth.

The entire treatment can be completed in just one visit!