Are you missing one or more teeth? A dental bridge might be the right solution for you.

A dental bridge closes the gap between missing teeth, using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth as anchors to hold the restoration in place. They provide a fixed (glued in) and durable way to restore your smile.

A dental bridge is a common dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth by spanning the gap between adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. The bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, which are anchored in place by dental crowns or abutments on either side of the gap. These crowns are cemented onto the natural teeth or implants adjacent to the empty space, effectively bridging the gap and restoring both the function and appearance of the smile.

Dental bridges offer several benefits, including:

1. Restoration of Function: Bridges restore the ability to chew and speak properly, which may be compromised by missing teeth.

2. Cosmetic Improvement: By filling in the gaps left by missing teeth, bridges help to maintain the natural shape and alignment of the jaw, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting out of place. This can also enhance the overall appearance of the smile.

3. Preservation of Oral Health: Bridges help distribute the forces exerted during chewing evenlyacross neighboring teeth and the jawbone, reducing the risk of issues such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and bone loss.

4. Durability: With proper care and maintenance, dental bridges can last for many years, providing a long-lasting solution for tooth replacement.5. Convenience: Unlike removable dentures, bridges are fixed in place and do not need to be removed for cleaning or maintenance, offering added convenience and comfort for the patient.

Overall, dental bridges are a reliable and effective option for restoring a natural-looking smile and improving oral function for individuals with missing teeth.

Broomfield Premier Dentistry offers custom-made dental bridges and can help restore your smile and your health. Let’s discuss whether a dental bridge might be the right choice for you.